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The Ontario Science Fiction Club, a club located in Toronto, ON. The club was founded in 1966 and was hosted by 'Capt'n George' Henderson at his nostalgia store Memory Lane, then at his Whizzbang Gallery next door, and then other locations. It was wound up in 1984.

It had a second branch in Ottawa. It also was involved in KingCon.

Founders included Mike Glicksohn and Peter Gill. Alicia Austin, Derek Carter, John Douglas, John Mansfield, Ken Smookler and Rosemary Ullyot were among the early members.

The club was one of the sponsors of the Fan Fair and sponsored the Toronto in '73 Worldcon bid and the subsequent Torcon II. Running the Worldcon sapped OSFiC strength and nearly killed the club.

It published the clubzines:

Later members included Alan Rosenthal, Bob Webber, Robert Charles Wilson, Janet Small and Victoria Vayne. See Derelicts.

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