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SF bookshop in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It has had at least three locations.

The convention book for Continuum 3, held in July 2005, advertises it at 359 Lonsdale St. It had opened there alongside a romance bookshop, Rendezvous Books.

By 2009 it had moved to the Strand Arcade which runs from Elizabeth St to the Lonsdale St half of Myer, but also connects to Lonsdale St, and to a short access road off Little Lonsdale St. The shop's location within the arcade was the interior corner of the L-shaped portion of the arcade formed by the corridor from Elizabeth St and that from Lonsdale St.

In 2012, it was located at 377 Little Collins St. The store there has, by March 2013, been renamed Critical Hit, and appears to have less of an emphasis on books.

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