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(December 21, 1947 –)

Neil Rest at Smofcon 34, 2016.
Photo by Edie Stern.

Neil Rest, a longtime Chicago con fan and raconteur, founded the Bermuda Triangle Bid and the 49th Ward Regular Science Fiction Organization, Inc. He created part of the Chicago section of the exhibits at Chicon 2000 and is a regular volunteer at Worldcons. He was part of the Trans World Con in 1991 hoax bid.

He was a regular at Thursday. A full-size soft-sculpture replica of him by Gretchen Roper featured in the Thursday analogue Fan Lounge at Chicon 6. He belongs to Chicago-SF.

He coined the literary fans’ catchphrase, “I am a fan of a genre, not a franchise.

Karen Trego and Neil Rest at Midwestcon, ca. 1977.
Photo by Avedon Carol.

For many years, Neil hosted an annual December potluck holiday/birthday party that was notable because he provided only the space and an interesting mix of guests, relying on the latter to provide an equally diverse selection of refreshments. A tall, dark man of striking appearance, Neil is usually bearded and wears his hair styled in a “Jewfro” — sometimes nearly 2 feet in diameter — and has been known to auction his haircuts for fan funds.

A native of Chicago, Neil has traveled extensively. He is a retired computer programmer, an enthusiastic Chicago history buff and an opinionated liberal.

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