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(January 16, 1895 – October 2, 1955)

Nathan Schachner was an SF writer during the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

His first published story was "The Tower of Evil," written in collaboration with Arthur Leo Zagat, appearing in the Summer, 1930, issue of Wonder Stories Quarterly.

Schachner was trained as a lawyer and a chemist, achieved his greatest success writing biographies of early American historical figures, after about a decade of writing SF.

His first eleven published stories were all written with Zagat, and after their collaboration dissolved he wrote under his own name and the pseudonyms Chan Corbett and Walter Glamis.

He published only one SF novel in book form, Space Lawyer (1953), which originally appeared in Astounding in 1941. Jack Speer called him a hack in Fancyclopedia 1.

Entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

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