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This is a first draft detailed migration plan for moving Fancylopedia from Wikidot to Mediawiki.

Prep of Wikidot[edit]

  • DONE Do a full backup of Wikidot. This will be the base version of Fancy to be ported.
    • Continue to track changes on Wikidot, as they will need to be replicated on Mediawiki. This will be done by hand by Mark.
  • DONE Find and fix explicit redirects to missing pages, especially different versions of peoples' names where there's no page for the person.
  • DONE Fix:
    • DONE Uncategorized files
    • DONE Wanted Pages [Let's drop this. It made a lot more sense when major pages were still missing.]
    • DONE Broken redirects
    • DONE Double redirects
    • DONE Images

Prep of MediaWiki site[edit]

  • DONE We will use HTTP, not HTTPS
  • Add specialized copyright notice. Creative Commons? [mlo]
  • DONE Need to create logo [mlo]
  • DONE Make sure robots.txt is set to allow indexing.
  • Other standard wiki pages (About, etc.) [mlo]
  • DONE Edit special404 page? GIVE UP ON THIS JRB
  • DONE Document admin procedures in Admin

Moving users[edit]

  • DONE Create a list of all users with Wikidot IDs and email addresses where known
  • DONE Notify users a week or so in advance of the planned move [mlo]
    • Tell them what (if anything) we will do for them. (Is there anything?)
    • Note that we don't have email addresses for around a third of our users, but we do have them for all of the large users and most of the more recent ones.
    • Offer to manually add productive users with this
      • Send Wikidot messages to the users we don't have emails for
  • DONE Edit the welcome page at Wikidot to announce the move [mlo]
    • Explain why the move
  • DONE Write a MediaWiki for Wikidot users FAQ [mlo] Part of How to Edit Pages

Review of test move[edit]

  • DONE Review the test move in light of the sed scripts
    • We're looking for conversion bugs

Pre-conversion Checklist[edit]

  • DONE Do we know how to make fanacylopedia.org point to the new site?
  • DONE Are there any Mediawiki features we want to turn off? Discussions? - Only files of the common ones. Discussions would be an extension.
  • DONE Document process for vetting and adding users. How to Join


  • DONE Add text to every wikidot page advising of the move
  • Remove access between fancyclopedia and johnbray/mlo users. Can't see how to do this now. Not important. jrb
  • Remove existing users from Wikidot site
  • Is there some way to detect users who follow links of the form fancyclopedia.wikidot.com/page?
  • Consider making Wikidot site entirely private
  • Do search for links of the form fancyclopedia.wikidot.com/page and, where appropriate, try to get them changed. Fanac search (notified)
  • Add list of editors' real names
  • Rewrite Python programs
    • FancyDownloader
    • HistoryDownloader
  • Advertise to the world how Fancy3 is so much better
    • Categories with subsections
    • Auto-completion of entry names
    • 'Also involved'
    • Inconsistencies in layout/naming removed
    • Stronger, more popular platform. Now hosted free!
    • Better pages showing entry problems
    • Navigation between linked pages using powerful toolbars
    • Customised 'fannish search'
  • DONE New backup routine - Use Installation wiki database command

Other issues[edit]

  • DONE Figure out how to let people upload files
    • Decision: Send them to us
    • How do we publicize this? Add to How_to_Edit_Pages
    • Create Google Drive/Dropbox accounts
  • DONE Decide on allowing use of wysisyg editor - Lets not until later
  • DONE Deal with files from Wikidot which are not being moved. (Look at file sent by JB.) [mlo]