Michael A. Banks

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(March 21, 1951 – June 19, 2023)

Michael A. Banks

Michael A. Banks, a Cincinnati writer and editor of SF and nonfiction, also worked under the name Alan Gould. He was a longtime member of the CFG. In the SF field, he is perhaps best known for nonfiction works about the genre (including Understanding Science Fiction, 1980) and his collaborations with Mack Reynolds.

He began publishing SF with "Lost and Found" in IASFM in 1978 (with George Wagner). Banks had several novels to his credit, (including The Odysseus Solution, with Dean R. Lambe), and was a frequent contributor to Analog, IASFM, and other SF magazines. He was a full-time freelance writer for some four decades, and worked as an acquisitions editor for publishers, including Baen Books and Harlequin. He wrote dozens of nonfiction books.

Banks died of an aggressive lung cancer, diagnosed in February 2023.

Banks Mebane, left, and Mike Banks, 1970s.

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