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(R-to-L) Arnie Katz, Moshe Feder, and Joyce Fisher Katz at Corflu Nova (1984).
Courtesy of Rich Lynch

(1939 -- July 30, 2016)

Joyce Worley [Fisher] [Katz] married fellow fan Raymond "Duggy" Fisher in 1956, and co-chaired St. Louiscon, the 1968 Worldcon with him as Joyce Fisher, and was co-editor of Odd and the N3F's publication, Postwarp, in 1956. Odd was nominated for the 1968 Best Fanzine Hugo.

She was born in Poplar Bluff, MO (according to Arnie Katz, also the birthplace of Claude Degler) and was a member of the Ozark Science Fiction Association and was on the committee for Ozarkon 1-5. She was a member of The Saturday People.

In 1969 Joyce with Pam Janisch and Sue Robinson did the fanzine What About Us Grils? This fanzine lasted for three issues, at which time Joyce moved to Brooklyn and began her next zine Potlatch. After her divorce from Ray Fisher in 1970, she married actifan Arnie Katz. During her time in Brooklyn fan Ted Pauls dubbed her "The High Priestess of Brooklyn Fandom." She was a member of the Fanoclasts and the Brooklyn Insurgents.

She and Arnie Katz later moved to Las Vegas where they created and sustained a local fandom.

She chaired Corflu 29 and was on the committee for Corflu 25 and Silvercon 1-4. She was a member and officer of the Southern Nevada Area Fantasy Fiction Union (SNAFFU), hosted The Monthly Social in the 90s and the Vegrants. She was a member of the Fanwriting Circle and APA-V and OE of SNAPA.

Joyce's memoirs were published in Hard Science Tales in the 2000s and her fanwriting was collected in The Sweetheart of Fanac Falls.

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