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(1944 -- 2011)

Jeffrey Catherine Jones wanted to be a scientist when he grew up and studied geology in college.

However, in the winter of 1967 when he moved to New York it was in search of work as an artist. He found work as an artist in comic books, fanzines, the new black and white horror magazines ,and illustrations for the prozines, Amazing and Fantastic.

This work led to more lucrative work in the paperback cover market. He also landed a book illustration job that year, doing the dust jacket and frontispiece for I Am A Barbarian, the first printing of an unpublished novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. He provided over 150 covers for many different types of books through 1976.

He returned to New York in 1975. With Bernie Wrightson, Barry Windsor-Smith and Michael Kaluta, Jones formed The Studio. This era was culminated by the publication of The Studio, a 12"x12" art book devoted to the four artists, from Dragons Dream in 1979.

The best reproduction of his pencil drawings is found in The Drawings of Jeffrey Jones (1982). There have been several publications of his color work.

After undergoing hormone replacement procedures in 1998, to become female at the age of 55, Jones changed his name to Jeffrey Catherine Jones and was thereafter referred to by the feminine gender.

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