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The International Costumers' Guild (ICG) is an affiliation of amateur, hobbyist, and professional costumers dedicated to the promotion and education of costuming as an art form in all its aspects.

The ICG was formed in 1989 to bring both hobbyist and professional costumers from around the world together, and to foster local educational and social costume events. Members include historic reenactors, professional, educational and community theatrical costumers, science fiction fans, renaissance festival participants, and all those who are interested in the making, wearing and display of costumes.

ICG Facts[edit]

  • The ICG developed Guidelines for Ensuring Fair Competition that they encourage costuming competitions to adopt.
  • It also offers special recognition to international competitions that draw entrants and audiences from outside the host country, and follow the ICG’s Guidelines. Worldcon, Costume-Con, and Anime North (since 2010) are recognized as ICG international competitions.
  • The ICG presents its highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award, to recognize outstanding costumers for their body of achievement in the costuming art and service to the costuming community. (Many of the recipients have been SF fans, see )
  • The ICG International Costumers’ Gallery and the Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Archives preserve a large collection of photos, videos and costume-related materials from nearly seven decades of fan costuming.
  • The Marty Gear Costuming Arts and Sciences Fund provides grants to members for innovative projects and activities that promote the art and science of costuming, either in a specific locale or the community as a whole.
  • The ICG has chapters, which cover specific geographical areas, enabling members to meet on a regular basis, trading tips, skills, and ideas. Many chapters also produce newsletters, and use social media to share information and exchange ideas.
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) focus on a specific aspect or type of costuming, enabling members anywhere with an interest in some aspect or genre of costuming to pursue their interest and share information.
  • Chapters and SIGs receive benefits such as the option to achieve non-profit status (U.S), web hosting, domain names and email, Google for Non-Profits, and Zoom conferencing.
  • ICG provides members a bi-monthly newsletter International Costumer and offers them a chance to interact through popular social media platforms for discussion and support, and sponsors events at regional and international conventions.
  • The ICG is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization in the United States of America, and offers its chapters and SIGs non-profit status under an Internal Revenue Service Group Exemption Letter program.

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