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A club for fans of Conan and other Heroic Fantasy heroes. Amra was the clubzine. Until some time in the 1980s, there was a muster of the Hyborian Legion -- a big discussion group in a room somewhere -- at every Worldcon. Regulars included L. Sprague de Camp, Poul Anderson, Fritz Leiber, George Scithers.

The Hyborian Legion was formed by 12 fans on November 12, 1955 (long before Sword & Sorcery was an important part of the fantasy genre), at a meeting in Philadelphia. The original officers were:

Volume 1 of Amra was an occasional newsletter of Legion activities published by George Heap who also published the Hyborian Times and the Hyborian Legion Bulletin. Reg Smith published Sardonic Worlds.

In the early 1960s, it seems to have sponsored a Bronze Hammer Award at Worldcon art shows for the best artwork with a heroic fantasy theme.

At Tricon in 1966, the Legion created a Guild of Artisans (its patron was St. John of Barsoom) and elected Frank Frazetta and all winners of the Heroic Fantasy Art Award as members. It also created Glenn Lord as "Mayor of the Palace of Tarantia." Martin Greenberg was still King of Aquilonia.

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