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HurriCon was a convention held the last weekend in February in the Florida Panhandle. It was founded by Steven Earl Yoder.

The first HurriCon was named "HurriCon Alec" and the original idea was to name each, but it was never followed up.

Convention Dates GoHs
HurriCon 1 February 26-28, 1993 George Alec Effinger, Robert Neagle
HurriCon 2 February 25-27, 1994 Piers Anthony, Carel Struyken
Skipped due to Hurricane Opal. (Oh, the irony!)
HurriCon 3 February 23-25, 1996 Peter S. Beagle
HurriCon 4 February 21-23, 1997 (final convention)

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