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One of the denizens of the Hucksters' Room at sf conventions, the huckster (or sometimes huxter) sits behind a huckster's table full of merchandise and tries get congoers bitten by the Kolektinbug in order to sell them more things than they want or can afford.

Historically, they were often known as "filthy hucksters," analogous with "filthy rich" and filthy pro (generally an affectionate term, but make certain either (a) the huckster in question is aware of that before you use it or (b) you have bus fare to whatever destination may, as a direct result, contain the remainder of your teeth).

Traditionally, these were sellers of used books and magazines, many of whom were fans selling off personal collections as a means of paying their way to cons. Today, booksellers have become a decided minority, and mounds of jewelry, t-shirts, toys, CDs, garb and tchotchkes fill the huckster tables, frequently sold by vendors who also make the rounds of Renaissance fairs, antiques shows and other such events and refer to cons as "shows." They are a species of pro.

In some circles, like the West Coast and the UK, the traditional term huckster has become too undignified for these sellers, and they like to call themselves "dealers" -- as if it made a difference.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
A person sufficiently --foolhardy-- degraded to try and make money from stf. Sellers of books & proz, etc.

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