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(See Reno for the main page.)

The pages listed here will be used to illustrate Fancy 2 and to seed a do-it-yourself-Fancyclopedia 3 board, so we need them in decent shape. We can use a few more. Basically, we want them all to be interesting and we also want them to cover the geographic and temporal gamut of fandom.

F2 board? F3 board? Page Status
= People
X X Art Widner minimum
X Charlie Brown minimum
X Bruce Pelz OK
X Claude Degler OK
X Peggy Rae Sapienza minimum
X Filthy Pierre minimum
X Geri Sullivan
X X Terry Carr
X John Scalzi
X David Langford minimum
X X Forrest J Ackerman minimum
X X Dave Kyle OK
X X Jack Speer OK
X X Robert Silverberg OK, but would like more fannish referents
X James Bacon stub
= Cons
X X 1939 Worldcon minimal
X MagiCon stub
X Eastercon minimal
X X Midwestcon stub
X DeepSouthCon minimum
X X Westercon stub
X Smofcon stub
X Baycon stub
X Early Conventions minimum
= Clubs
X General Technics stub
X Minn-StF minimum
X X Little Men stub
X Fanac OK
= Fanzines
X X Fancyclopedia 2 stub
X Banana Wings OK
X File 770 minimum
X Yandro minimum
X X Quandry minimum
X Slant stub
X X Ah! Sweet Idiocy! minimum
X Plokta
= Events
X Creation of the SCA OK
X Room 770 minimum
X Save Star Trek campaign
X Disclave Flood OK
X X Ellison water bombing incident OK
X Anti-fan movies OK
X X WAW With the Crew in '52 OK
= Miscellaneous
X Chris Cooper -- the standard of UK fan measure
X X Numerical Fandoms OK
X Smoooth OK?
X X The Immortal Storm minimum
X Filk stub
X Outsinging a Riverboat Whistle OK
X Minneapolis in '73 minimum
X X Goon Defective Agency OK
X Constellation Bankruptcy
X Pass-along Funds OK

Key: OK: Ready to be used. (Doesn't mean it can't be improved...) minimum: Meets minimum requirements -- really ought to be improved, though. stub: A nominal entry. Must be improved before it can be used.