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The focus of the Fanac exhibit at Reno will be the new version of Fancyclopedia 3. The exhibit will be in four parts (but together in space):

  • A 8'x8' expanse of foamcore containing pages from Fancy 2 joined together with links giving a static (but easily readable) idea of what is on the site.
  • A couple of computers set up to explore the actual site and to add to it.
  • a 16'x8' expanse for foamcore on which we will build new Fancy 3 articles and connections dynamically during the exhibit.
  • Maybe a section for scanning, display, or whatever. (Details still TBD.)

Section 1 will be a static version of a part of Fancy 2 build by printing pages, pasting them on the 8'x8' board and ocnnecting them with yarn "hyperlinks". This is a list of Reno pages needed -- many exist only in stub form.

We'll do a card to hand out with Fancy 3 information on it. We may use the Mini Moos tachnology. Will we have any pictures on them? If so, what?

  • 1 will be 8'x8' (two 4'x8' pieces taped together) foamcore with an excerpt of Fancy 2 on it -- this will be a few dozen printed pages with yarn connections. (We need to come up with the pages, here, but it will have some overlap with the Reno pages needed list. See Construction details for, well, construction details.

For #2, we'll want a couple of computers on a table with live connections to Fancy 3.

  • 3 is the big, interactive thingie: 16'x8' foamcore. We will put up a bunch of Reno pages needed list plus Reno GoHs and others as starting nodes. For each of these, we'll put up a list of characteristics (e.g., Jack Speer: Fancy 2, Degler investigation, N4, FAPA, etc.) and then let people add connections and add new nodes.

This needs to be a single, flat, well-supported surface to work -- it can't bend.

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