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(Did you mean a New York convention?)

The very first sf convention in Scotland, held in Glasgow from 1978 to 1982/4 (skipping the years when the city hosted Eastercons, i. e. Albacon 80 and Albacon II). It was named after the local festival "Glasgow Fair Fortninght" and run by Friends of Kilgore Trout, at least two first and the last chaired by fake Bob Shaw.

After split among organisers, concurrent Albacon 84 and late cancellation of Faircon '84, Faircon ceased and its role was replaced by Albacon.

Convention Dates GoH
Faircon '78 July 21–23, 1978 James White
Faircon '79 July 20–22, 1979 Bob Shaw
Faircon '81 July 24–27, 1981 John Brunner, Ken Slater
Faircon '82 July 23–26, 1982 Naomi Mitchison
Faircon '84 July 20–23, 1984 cancelled late Sydney Jordan (comics artist), Mat Irvine?

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