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An exchange of one faned’s fanzine for another’s, in place of a subscription, contribution or letter of comment. Some faneds insist on issue-for-issue trades, but given variations in publishing schedules, most trade all-for-all. It’s part of The Usual.

Trades usually need to be specifically negotiated — you should not assume that just sending someone your zine is enough. At the very least, you should check off “Trade” in the WYGT.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
Exchanging Subzine publishers ordinarily announce that they are willing to trade on an even basis (all my issues for all your issues) with other regularly-appearing fanzines. And many will send each monthly or bimonthly issue faithfully, when the other editor only turns out one or two little ratty issues a year. Complications occur when one fan publishes more than one good-sized periodical, or when more than one share equally in the work of putting out a fanzine and each wants a copy of exchanged pubs for his collection. The solution to much of the exchange problem is FAPA.

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