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(July 25, 1922 – July 4, 2000)

Author Evelyn E. Smith (not to be confused with E. E. Smith), wrote science fiction for such publications as Galaxy Science Fiction, Fantastic Universe and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction beginning in 1952. Her short fiction ranges from satires set in a post-apocalyptic setting such as "The Last of the Spode" and "The Hardest Bargain," to "BAXBR/DAXBR," where she explores the dangers of Martian crossword puzzles. She sold frequently to the prozines throughout the 1950s, though not everyone was a fan: Blish accused her of calling a rabbit a smeerp.

Her science fiction novels, The Perfect Planet (1962), Unpopular Planet (1975) and The Copy Shop (1985), chiefly deal with questions of gender identity, and, like all of her work, are characterized by their wit and humor. Smith's October 1954 F&SF short story, "At Last I've Found You," was adapted into an opera by Seymour Barab; it premiered in Charlotte, NC, in 1984.

Smith also wrote mysteries, notably the “Miss Melville” series, gothic romance (under the penname Delphine C. Lyons) and nonfiction about the occult, as well as compiled crossword puzzles.

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