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(December 27, 1941 –)

Eugene Jeffrey "E. J." Gold, sometimes called Gene and also known as Jeff Spencer and Gorby, is a California artist, author, musican, video game designer, “shamanic rabbi,” teacher and comedian. He is the son of H. L. Gold, the first editor of Galaxy Science Fiction, and Evelyn Gold, and stepson of Paul Donner Spencer.

In 1994, E. J. launched and edited the revived, pulp-format, semiprozine version of Galaxy, then turned it into an e-zine, and sold it in 2001. He also writes SF and fantasy.

He was married at least three times, first to Sally Ann Bloch (b. 1943, the daughter of fan and sf writer Robert Bloch) in 1962, then to Linda R. Suddleson in 1964. He was divorced from another wife, Lana (last name unavailable), in 1982. His uncle was critic Floyd C. Gale.

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