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George Scithers' Con-Committee Chairman's Guide is the story of Discon I, the 1963 Worldcon by its chairman โ€“ part a detailed con report from the inside out, part manual for future conrunners. It was published by Dick Eney in 1965 as Operation Crifanac CCLXXVIII (=278), "Permanently in print. 50ยข the copy."

The version here in Fancy 3 was retyped in 2000 by Tim Illingworth from a copy of the 1965 publication.

A copy of the original front cover will appear here once I've got it scanned (wrote someone, likely not even User:John, before 2010. Meanwhile, you can find a copy for $50 at eBay: it shows a group photo apparently from the opening ceremony. A man at the center of the podium has a speech bubble "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad." Someone far to his left protests "I'm not mad!", to which he replies "You must be mad, or you wouldn't have come...").

Publication 1965
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