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(March 15, 1911 – November 2, 1992)

Desmond Winter Hall was an author, magazine editor and owner. He was an assistant to F. Orlin Tremaine, when Tremaine was editor of Astounding. Hall was an assistant editor of Strange Tales during 1931–1933, and was also an early editor of Mademoiselle magazine.

Hall contributed articles and fiction, including SF, to Astounding, The Atlantic, Esquire, The Saturday Evening Post, and other magazines. He also worked as a literary agent. His writings included I Give You Oscar Wilde (1965), a novel about the 19th-century poet, wit, and dramatist.

He used the pseudonyms of Anthony Gilmore and H. G. Winter when he collaborated with Harry Bates on stories, including the "Hawk Carse" series. Hall also used the pen name of Ainslee Jenkins on some of his SF stories.

He was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, the son of two New Zealanders: Winter Hall, an actor, and Katherine Young, a concert pianist. He spent most of his adult life in New York. He died of pneumonia at the age of 82.

Entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

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