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(If you are looking for the Dallas club, that is DASFS.)

DASFA is a Denver club founded in December 21, 1968, after some differences of opinion between Caz and some of the other CFS members. He placed notices in libraries and other places, and the first organizational meeting took place with about fifteen people present.

Initially, the club met monthly at the Broadway Book Mall with another meeting 2 weeks later at a members house, the 'Alternate'. By the late 70s, it was meeting at the SW State Bank in downtown Denver.

It hosts MileHiCon. Its clubzine is DASFAx. Some of the members of DASFA who would become prominent in later decades included Doris Beetem (whose daughters later became fans) and Don C. Thompson.

Club fanzines included Lungfish and The Periodical Lungfish. It also published the Dasfolk Filk-Rock, a filk book.

See Ah, Wilderness for more.

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