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(July 8, 1945 – September 25, 2015)

Don West, who used a byline of only his first initial, was a fan artist and fan writer known for his mordant sense of humor and dry wit. He was a "Yorkshire lad" who was "skinny as a lath, with a straggly beard and usually a roll-up."

His work appeared in numerous fanzines and he won the Nova Award for Best Fan Artist eleven times between 1984 and 2014 as well as the Nova for Best Fan Writer in 1987. In 2011, he declined the Rotsler Award, claiming Bill Rotsler did “harm” by “artistic dumbing-down” and that he didn’t care to be associated with him.

West was nominated for the 1979 Best Fan Writer Hugo, the 1987 Best Fan Writer Hugo, and for the 1999 Best Fan Artist Hugo. He also won 4 FAAn Awards.

In 1984, he ran for TAFF; his loss was one of the triggers of the TAFF Wars.

In the 1970s, he created the Astral Leauge (sic) in Leeds. His work appeared in Chunga, Izzard, Banana Wings, and many other zines.

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