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While atomic war, a much-feared (and much written-about) Armageddon fought with atomic weapons, would bring down civilization if it didn't entirely end life on Earth, fans have been somewhat proud of the skiffy role in predicting it.

From Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement, ca. 1960
When they fell on Hiroshima stfnists gleefully chortled "I told you so!" Still more reflected egoboo -- because, you see, it demonstrated that we were participating in the future by reading this crazy Buck Rogers stuff -- came when it was revealed that the Military Intelligence people had raided the offices of Astounding Science Fiction in 1944, when Cleve Cartmill's story "Deadline" had appeared; the story dealt with E-T's making an atomic bomb of U235, and gave the Security boys quite a turn when one of them happened to pick up a copy on a newsstand in Oak Ridge.

See Atomigeddon, Cleve Cartmill.

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