Young Fandom
from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
The idea of a teen-age fan club was conceived in February '46 by Telis Streiff and Norm Storer, who organized their correspondents and, with help from K Martin Carlson, some teenage fans from his mailing list. As The Junior Bems they set up a constitution with two Governors, three Vough ("judges") and a SecTreasurer running the organization. Around this nucleus was organized a diffuse group, Young Fandom, which undertook such projects as a fanzine library and publication of a collection of fan fiction, The Fan Book. Two issues of an OO were produced, but the age group was so plagued with officials gafiating under pressures of school work that it folded after about four years, being un-heard-of thereafter. Actual fatal blow seems to have been in Spring '48 when OE Caldwell, President Jewett, and SecTreasurer Grant all resigned simultaneously.

Here we may mention a few other juvenile general fan organizations. Henry Ackerman in the old days organized a Scientifiction Association for Boys, with a circulating library at considerable expense. It never reached second base. In 1947 Joanne Evans attempted to organize a fantasy club for children under 12, but nothing ever came of it.

from Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement ca. 1960:
Unmentioned among founders were Rick Sneary and George Caldwell, and a total of eleven issues of official organ Valhalla were produced — I offer the feeble excuse that the editorship rotated, including such folk as Ed Cox and Rotsler, making them difficult to run down. After the breakup Sneary (the treasurer) waited a decent length of time and send the money on hand to the treasurer of the N3F, with a membership roster, telling him to give a year's N3F membership to any Young Fandom member interested enough to answer a letter of inquiry.