A convention run by Dan Caldwell in the Nashville, TX area.

Dan Caldwell writes:

After a disagreement with Kubla in 1975, Dan began plans to start his own convention. This consisted of noting what did and did not work at other cons he was going to. The idea for Dark bheer was stolen from Satyrcon I in Knoxville, when Dan realized that every time he went back for some dark, he had to stand in line, usually a long line, to get any. The name "Xanadu" was chosen mostly because it did not have the word "con" anywhere in the name.

In 1983 at a party at Khen's, the subject of Xanadu somehow came up. Anita Williams offered to put up some money to run some parties at cons that summer. Dan took this as a good omen, and decided to run a con that same year. Most of the Kubla staff was willing to work on another con. Jim Woosley was supposed to be the Co-chair but he bowed out before the con and Fran took over the position. The con was planned for November because hotel rates took a significant drop after October. It also gave about 6 months to plan the convention.

Convention Dates GoHs
Xanadu I 1983 Bill Maraschello
Xanadu 1.5 1984
Xanadu II 1985 Steve Francis
Xanadu III 1986 Jack Chalker
Xanadu IV 1987 Poul Anderson
Xanadu V 1988]
Xanadu VI 1989
Xanadu VII 1993

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