Windycon II

Windycon II was held from October 3-5, 1975 at the Ascot House in Chicago. Guests of Honor: Bob Tucker, Joni Stopa. Toastmaster: Bob Passovoy. Chairs: Lynne Aronson & Mark Aronson. Attendance was close to 600.

General Technics was organized here by Tullio Proni, Steve Johnson, and Jeff Duntemann. According to reports afterwards, one of the highlights of the convention was Rusty Hevelin's "first draft" showing of slides from his DUFF trip. Instead of the usual banquet, Windycon II had a Sunday morning bruch, at which George R. R. Martin was presented with the Hugo he won at Aussiecon for "A Song for Lya."

Windycon II Program Book (external link, pdf)

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