(1) A New Lealand Clubzine

The clubzine of the National Association for Science Fiction of New Zealand.

(2) Fanzine by Cathy Palmer-Lister

Fanzine published by Cathy Palmer-Lister. In 2011, R. Graeme Cameron's Fanzine Fanac Awards Society gave Warp its first Best Fanzine award.

(3) Clubzine of MonSFFA

The clubzine of MonSFFA, (written WARP). Issues were originally available only in print form, which have since been converted to online pdf's. At present, issues are made available iboth on paper and on the web. The club's website is http://www.monsffa.ca/. Essentially all issues of the clubzine are available online at http://www.monsffa.ca/?page_id=148.

(4) Fanzine by David Chute

A fanzine published by David Chute.

Issue Date Pages Notes
2 1967

(5) Clubzine of the Montreal SFFA

The clubzine of the Montreal SFFA.

Issue Date Pages Notes
48 August 1999 32 editor: Lynda Pelley
49 March 2000 30

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