Tropicon VIII

Tropicon VIII, Dec 1-3 1989, co-chaired by Tony Parker & Judy Bemis, had GoH Lynn Abbey, FGoH Leslie Turek and Toastmaster C.J. Cherryh. Julia Ecklar was the special Filk Guest. This was Lynn Abbey's first time as a GoH at a convention that did not have Robert Asprin as a GoH. Attendance was 210.

Other guests included: Gail Bennett, Sarah Clemens, Hal Clement, Will Eisner, Charles Fontenay, Joseph Green, Jack Haldeman II, Lee Hoffman, Carl Lundgren, Vincent Miranda, and Gary Alan Ruse.

Chairmen: Tony Parker & Judy Bemis
Honorary Co-Chair: Lee Hoffman
Art Show: Becky Peters
Blood Drive: Peggy Dolan
Book Display: Edie Stern
Costume Contest: Cindy Warmuth & Terri Wells
Dealers Room: Sue Trautman
Filksinging: Fran Mullen
Gaming Room: Doug & Cathy Wu
Hospitality Suite: Peggy Gemingnani & Melanie Herz
Hotel Liaison: Joe Siclari & Chuck Phillips
Logistics: Rich Tetrev
Operations: Mitch Silverman
Program Book: Dave Ratti & Joe Siclari
Programming: Tony Parker & Judy Bemis
Progress Report: Edie Stern & Joe Siclari
Publicity: Edie Stern
Registration: Kat Klein
Souvenir T-Shirt: Peggy Dolan
Treasurer: Bill Wilson
TriviaMaster: Vince Miranda
Video Program: Ray Herz

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