from Fancyclopedia 1 ca. 1944
(Groveman) - Fans have machine á ecrire of all vintages, possibly even some of the strike-underneath kind. Preference runs to L C Smith & Corona, and Underwood, but we take whatever we can get. The lack of the letter F on Perdue's typewriter gave him his first fame; one time Gillespie stenciled a tirade against Moskowitz on a machine whose z was missing.

Blue-and-red and neotric green-and-brown typeribbons are employed by many fans. The most favored type face is elite, like this before you, but some fans have the somewhat larger pica. Variants include elite with pica spacing, vogue (similar to gothic), and a face like heavy oldfashioned printing. In addition, Ackerman and König have had access to varitypers, which operate on an antediluvian principle which permits the use of plates carrying all sorts of alfabets. In size they've varied from gigantic to teensy (you figure out the point number!), and in style have had italics, gothic, boldface, et autres.

See also Typewriter.