Tightbeam (orginally called Hyperspace Tightbeam) is the letterzine/genzine of the N3F. The name was chosen to describe the reason for the zine's original reason for being - that of serving as a medium for inter-member communication.

According to N3F records, in 1949, Art Rapp, the editor of Spacewarp, decided to put out a letterzine for the N3F, because the TNFF was limited only to being a clubzine. He called the new zine Postwarp. This was available by subscription, at 10 cents a copy (the usual price in those days), which paid for itself.

It contained letters of comment on all subjects, but mainly discussed the N3F. By not being official, writers felt free to criticize the N3F (this continues to this day, even when edited by the President). When Art left, others took up Postwarp, with varying success, continuing until 1960, when Alan J. Lewis (not to be confused with Albert J. Lewis) became editor and had problems so thatPostwarp did not appear regularly or on time.

By then, the zine was financed by the N3F, and the officers, understandably, wanted it to appear before they paid for it. Lewis, on the other hand, could not promise anything and claimed he needed the money in advance. This impasse went on for some time, and caused various new rules to be made, to no avail, so they decided to go around the delinquent editor by doing another letterzine, letting him delay Postwarp as long as he pleased. So, in a sense, Postwarp and Tightbeam were not related.

Walter Coslet volunteered to do the first issue, and named it Hyperspace Tightbeam. The N3F President chose Art Hayes to do the second issue. Marion Zimmer Bradley edited the third issue, and renamed it Tightbeam. So the first few editors rotated, setting a precedent, though sometimes it was more efficient to have a semi-permanent editor, who could control the contents of the issue to fit the pages allowed.

List of Editors
Year Editor(s)
1960 Walter Coslet, Art Hayes, Marion Zimmer Bradley
1961 Art Hayes
1962 Don Anderson
1963 Dave Hulan, Lee Riddle, G.M. Carr, Gary Labowitz
1964 Stan Woolston, Norman C. Metcalf (Lee Riddle, stand-by editor)
1965 Norm Metcalf, Duncan MacFarland, Art Hayes, G.M. Carr, Cindy Heap
1966 Stan Woolston, Bill Bruce, Jim Schumacher, Greg Shaw, Bill Mallardi
1967 Fred Hypes, John Jusske
1968 - 1970 Gary Labowitz
1971 Frank Denton, Chuck Ruthford
1972 - 1973 Joe Siclari
1976 Lynne Holdom, Joanne Burger served as a temporary editor
1977 John Robinson (publisher/also editor for some issues in the late 70s?)
1978 - 1981 Lynne Holdom
1984 - 1985 Owen K Laurion
1986 Owen K Laurion, Sally Syrjala
1987 Sally Syrjala, Lynne Holdom
1988 Lynne Holdom
1989 Lynne Holdom, Ingrid Maack
1990 - 1991 Catherine Mintz, Diane Miller
1992 Catherine Mintz
1993 Catherine Mintz, Diane Miller
1994 - 1996 Diane Miller, Janine Stinson
1997 - 2002 Janine Stinson
2003 Janine Stinson, Ruth R Davidson
2004 Bob Sabella, Ruth R Davidson
2005 Bob Sabella, Jeffrey Redmond, Chris Garcia, Ruth R Davidson
2006 Ruth R Davidson, Jeffrey Redmond, Chris Garcia, Janine Stinson
2007 Janine Stinson, Jeffrey Redmond, Ruth R. Davidson
2008 Ruth R. Davidson, Heath Row
2009 - 2011 Heath Row
2012 - 2016 David Speakman
2016 Bob Jennings (0nline version)

Tightbeam was merged into The National Fantasy Fan as a letter column, and later as an included section from 2001 - 2012. Issues from June 2012 are online at http://n3f.org/zines/tightbeam/.