The Mad 3 Party

A fanzine published by Boston in '89, starting in 1984 as a bidzine and then, in 1986 after Boston in '89 became Noreascon 3, as a convention planning fanzine. As a bidzine, it was edited by Laurie Mann, Pat Vandenberg and (from 1986) Leslie Turek. There were 38 issues, 8.5x11, stapled.

The name was derived from the facts that the bid was for Noreascon 3 and the bid's theme was Alice in Wonderland.

During Leslie Turek's editorship, it was distributed to everyone working on Noreascon 3, and had a wide circulation outside the committee as well. It covered all aspects of planning and running a Worldcon. It was nominated for the 1988 Best Fanzine Hugo. In 1989 it was, of course, declared to be ineligible because Noreascon 3 was the administering convention, but it was nominated again the following year and won the 1990 Best Fanzine Hugo.

The first 26 of these zines can be accessed from The Mad 3 Party's index on the Fanac site or the Noreascon Three Information page.