from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
Sort of a radio-type play, done on tape. In ancient days something of the sort was done on sonodiscs, but the Anglofen have been the most notable modern practitioners of the art. Milt Rothman took wire-recorded soap-opera parodies "Life Can Be Horrible" and "Who Goes Where?" to the LonCon in 1957, where the Englishers were much amused by them. At the Coroncon in '53 the London O produced "Whiskers" by Walt Willis (Walt hates public speaking and did this as his contribution to the con). The Liverpool SFS was struck by the idea and got him to do one for them, "Alien Arrives", which they presented at the 1954 SuperManCon. They followed it by the "March of Slime" at Kettering in 1955, and the most famous and painstaking of all, "Last and First Fen", at the 1955 Cytricon.