T-K Graphics

A mail-order sf publisher and bookseller located in Baltimore, MD and operated by Ted Pauls. It founded in 1972-3, but by 1977 was being accused of not paying royalties by many of its writers and of slow delivery or non-delivery of orders by many customers.

Sometime in 1977 or 1978, Pauls sent a letter to his creditors saying that by 1976 it had 17,000 customers, five employees and was doing $200,000 annual business. At that point, between over-use of credit and poor management decisions, it was $60,000 in debt and unable to keep up with its bills, which meant that it was filling orders slowly, also. To avoid bankruptcy he cut back drastically to about 10% of peak, taking no salary and slowly paying back creditors. He expected to pay everyone back eventually.

T-K Graphics eventually did go bankrupt. By the end of 1979, the State of Maryland was supervising claims against the company.

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