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Swancon is a regional convention held in Perth, Western Australia since 1976.

Swancon was started by Grant Stone and Tony Peacey two fans from W.A. who met at Aussiecon in 1975, with some help from Clifford Wind, an American fan then briefly living in Australia.

The Western Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards, known as the Tin Duck Awards, are regularly presented at Swancon. The Marge Hughes Award and Mikey Award have tended to be awarded also. The rarer Silver Swan Award has only been presented upon special occasions.

Fans who have attended lots of Swancons have been presented with 20 Year Badges and 33 Year Badges. There are plans to also present 42 Year Badges.

Swancon is now held under the auspices of the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF).

See also Swancon the CCG, and the lyrics by Craig Hilton of "The Billy Joel Hit Single of Swancon 18 (and Every Other Swancon in Existence)".

Swancon 9a

A convention-cum-birthday-party for Craig Hilton on 17 March 1984 was billed as Swancon 9a. Julia Bateman was Guest of Honour.

Dead Guests of Honour

Swancon Twenty3, held in 1998, had Dead Guest of Honour Jules Verne. Swancon 24: ICon, also known as SwanICon, had Dead Guest of Honour Jim Henson, who had also been designated Posthumous Guest of Swancon 2000. Swancon 25 had Dead Guest of Honour Stanley Kubrick. Swancon 42 is to have Guest of Honour Douglas Adams (in memoriam).

Swancon XXX Fictional Guest

Swancon XXX, held in 2005, honoured, among others, the Borderlands team: Grant Watson, Simon Oxwell and Anna Hepworth. Grant Watson was a Special Guest. Anna Hepworth was Fan Guest. Simono, "the Most Beautiful Fan in the World", portrayed by Simon Oxwell, was Fictional Guest.

Life Member

Grant Stone is a Life Member of WASFF, and thereby a lifetime member of Swancon.

For more information see the Swancon website and the Swancon LiveJournal.

Year Name Chair Date Location Guests
1976 Swancon 1 (Duckcon 13) Anthony Peacey Oct 9-11 Anthony Peacey's House Maureen Smith
1977 Swancon 2 Bob Ogden Oct Belmont Comm. Rec. Centre / Bayswater Civic Centre
1978 Swancon 3 Roy Ferguson July 21-23 Murdoch University
1979 Waycon '79 (Swancon IV) Tony Peacey Mar 2-5 Ozone Hotel Leigh Edmonds
1980 Swancon 5 (19th Natcon) Julia Curtis Aug 15-18 Park Towers / Kings Ambassador Hotel Anne McCaffrey, Grant Stone, Shayne McCormack
1981 Swancon 6 Barbara de la Hunty Apr 17-20 The George, Fremantle Tony Peacey
1982 Swancon 7 Bob Ogden Jan 29 - Feb 1 Westos Hotel Robin Johnson
1983 Swancon 8 Bob Ogden Jan 28-31 Westos Motor Inn Damien Broderick, Bob Ogden
1984 Swancon Nine Dave Luckett Jan 27-30 Westos Motor Inn Harry Harrison, Roy Ferguson
1985 Swancon X John McDouall Jan ??-28 Airways Hotel Ian Nichols
1986 SwanCon XI (25th Natcon) Erik Harding Mar 28-31 Miss Maud Function Centre C. J. Cherryh, Jack Herman
1987 Swancon 12 David Simmons Feb 28 - Mar 2 Airways Hotel John McDouall
1988 Swancon 13: the BLACK Swancon Matthew Clarkson Jan 29 - Feb 1 Westos Hotel Dave Luckett, Tim Richards
1989 Swancon 14 (28th Natcon) Cindy Clarkson Mar 23-27 King's Ambassador Hotel John Varley, Bob Shaw, and (fan) Paul J. Stevens
1990 Swancon XV Don Griffiths Jan 26-29 Swy Theatre Terry Dowling and (fan) Grant Stone
1991 Swancon 16 Greg Turkich Jan 25-28 Freeway Motel Barbara Hambly, Cindy Clarkson
1992 The Festival of the Imagination Jan 24-27 Ascot Inn Terry Dowling, Nick Stathopoulos, Paul Kidd
1993 SwanCon 18 (32nd Natcon) Dave Luckett Apr 8-12 Ascot Inn Terry Pratchett, Robert Jordan, and (fan) Craig Hilton
1994 Con Fusion '94 Sue Ann Barber July 15-17 Perth International Hotel Sylvia Anderson, Lewis Morley, Marilyn Pride, Danny Heap
1995 Swancon '95 Doug Burbidge Apr 13-17 Sheraton Pat Cadigan, Ellen Datlow, Peter Read
1996 Festival of the Imagination 1996 (35th Natcon) Richard Scriven Apr 4-8 Kings Hotel Neil Gaiman, Storm Constantine, Jack Dann, Janeen Webb, Robin Pen
1997 SwanCon 22 - The Festival of the Imagination 1997 Russell B. Farr, David Yeates Jan 24-27 Metro Howard Waldrop, Jack Dann & Janeen Webb, Stephen Dedman, Sean Williams, Grant Stone, Danny Heap and (fan) David Cake
1998 Swancon Twenty3 Grant Watson, Simon Oxwell Apr 24-27 Hotel Grand Chancellor Lois McMaster Bujold, Tess Williams, and (fan) Gina Goddard
1999 SwanCon 24: ICon (SwanICon) Julian Ackermann Apr 1-5 Metro Janny Wurts, Ippongi Bang, Jack Dann, Sean Williams, Dave Luckett
2000 Swancon 2000 (39th Natcon) Candice Schilder Apr 20-24 Ascot Inn Connie Willis, Robin Hobb, Ian Nichols, Garth Nix, Mitch? (Anthony Mitchell)
2001 Swancon 2001: Masquerade (40th Natcon) David Cake, Cathy Cupitt Apr 12-16 Rydges Hotel Robert Silverberg, Karen Haber, Sue Ackermann
2002 Swancon 2002: Dragons of the World Sue Ackermann Mar 28 - Apr 1 Kings Hotel Kate Forsyth, Kim Wilkins, David Zindell, Lee Battersby, John McDouall
2003 Swancon 2003 (42nd Natcon) Jason Watson, Brett Griggs Apr 17-21 Kings Perth Hotel Lynn Flewelling, Tony Shillitoe, Justin Ackroyd
2004 Swancon 2004: Chronopolis Shay Telfer Apr 8-12 Parmelia Hilton Tim Powers, Eddie Campbell, Adrian Bedford, Shaun Tan, and (fan) Emma Hawkes
2005 Swancon XXX Elaine Kemp Mar 24-28 Emerald Hotel Charles de Lint, MaryAnn Harris, Grant Watson, and (fan) Anna Hepworth
2006 Renaissances: Swancon 2006 Ken McCaw Mar 3-6 Acacia Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, and (fan) Danny Oz
2007 SwanCon 32: Inconceivable! Michael Dawson Apr 5-9 All Seasons Elizabeth Moon, David Gerrold, Matthew Reilly, Russell B. Farr, and (fan) Damian Magee
2008 State of the Art: Swancon 2008 (47th Natcon) Anna Hepworth Mar 20-24 All Seasons Ken Macleod, Rob Shearman, Glenda Larke, and (fan) Zara Baxter
2009 Contact: Swancon 2009 PRK (Paul Raj Khangure) Apr 9-13 All Seasons Richard Morgan, Trudi Canavan, Theresa Anns, and (fans) Alicia Smith and Robert Masters
2010 Swancon 2010 Todd Rowlands, John Green Apr 1-5 All Seasons Scott Sigler, Ian Irvine, John Samuel
2011 Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty Alisa Krasnostein Apr 21-25 Hyatt Regency Perth Ellen Datlow, Justina Robson, Sean Williams, and (fan) Sarah Xu
2012 DoomCon: Swancon 37 Kitty Hemsley Apr 5-9 Pan Pacific Hotel Brandon Sanderson, Marianne de Pierres, and (fan) Chris Creagh
2013 Swancon 2013: Perception Discovery Emergence Tom Eitelhuber, Andrew Sharp Mar 29 - Apr 1 Ibis Styles Hotel Charles Stross, Gail Simone, John Birmingham, Lucy Sussex, and (fans) John Parker and Sarah Parker
2014 Swancon 39: Conjuration Chris Coman, Samara Morgan Apr 17-21 Ibis Styles Hotel Anne Bishop, Isobelle Carmody, Jim Butcher, and (fan) Sally Beasley
2015 Swancon 40 (54th Natcon) Kat Griffiths Apr 2-6 Pan Pacific Perth John Scalzi, Kylie Chan, and (fan) Anthony Peacey
2016 Swancon 41 Isobel White Mar 24-28 Pan Pacific Hotel Perth Michael O'Brien, Jane Espenson, Lian Hearn, and (fan) Fe Waters
2017 Swancon 42 Chris Coman and Brian Johnson Apr 13-17 Metro Hotel Perth Wesley Chu, Traci Harding, Douglas Adams (in memoriam), Michael Troughton, and (fan) Davina Watson
2018 Swancon 2018: Transmogrification Jack Bridges Mar 29 - Apr 2 Pan Pacific Kameron Hurley (cancelled or non-attending), Ryan Griffen, Foz Meadows, Emily Smith, Wolfgang Bylsma, and (fan) Barb de la Hunty
2019 Swancon 2019: The Future is Now Apr 18-22 Charlie Jane Anders, Annalee Newitz, Jonathan Strahan

Much of the information for this page has been obtained from the Swancon History page of the Australian SF Information site wiki.sf.org.au.