Suzanne Tompkins

(b. 1948)

SF fan Suzanne V. (Suzle) Tompkins has been active in fandom since discovering it 1967 when she attended NyCon3. She lives in Seattle and has been quite active in both fanzine fandom and con-running fandom.

She was nominated for the 1977 Best Fanzine Hugo (for The Spanish Inquisition) and the 1991 Best Fanzine Hugo (for Mainstream) and has also puboished Littlebrook (all three co-edited with husband Jerry Kaufman.)

Con Committees: Potlatches in Seattle, Corflu 5 (1988), Corflatch (Corflu 17, 2000). Co-Chair: Potlatch 19 (2010).

She was one of the founding mothers of WPSFA (Pittsburgh).

Awards, Honors and GoHships: