(1) A Worldcon in O/r/l/a/n/d/o/ Miami

The 1977 Worldcon held September 2-5 at the Hotel Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, FL. GoH: Jack Williamson, FGoH: Robert A. Madle. It was chaired by Don Lundry and Robert Silverberg was toastmaster.

SunCon was bid by "7 in '77", a group of well-known con-runners who promised that if they won they would then select an ideal site. It won against four other active bidders — see 1977 Site Selection results for details.

The 7 in '77 committee selected a hotel in Orlando, Florida, which subsequently went bankrupt. On the grounds that the bankrupt hotel would not honor the contract, SunCon subsequently moved to a classic hotel in Miami Beach, the Fountainbleu — which then also went bankrupt. This didn't help a committee which was also suffering from exceptionally bad publicity — Locus was positively sarcastic in its reporting of Lundry's lack of forthright responses to questions.

The 7 in '77 proved unable to work effectively together and one after another the members resigned or were pushed out, ultimately leaving Lundry alone and a convention with a bad reputation. See the Stuncon membership card for an amusing take on this.

Not all of the convention's problems were the committee's fault. To date, Suncon is the only Worldcon where it has rained in the art show (which probably helped to explain the mildew on the walls). (A tropical storm passed over Miami during the con. While not terribly windy, it released deluges of rain which, among other things, helped to locate many leaks in the somewhat decrepit hotel's structure.) It was also the subject of an unsuccessful Suncon Boycott proposed by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

See also the common nickname, Stuncon.

1977 Hugo results, 1979 Site Selection results, 1979 Nasfic Site Selection results.

Read Dave Kyle's SunCon reminiscence. Linda Bushyager has a convention report in Karass 33

Hugo Awards video, part 1
Hugo Awards video, part 2

MidAmeriCon«« »»Iguanacon

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(2) Suncon (Australia)

The 30th Australian Natcon held 29th March - 1st April 1991 at the Brisbane Gateway Hotel in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Theme: Dangerous Visions
GoH: Harlan Ellison (absent) and Patrick Tilley
FGoH: Leigh Edmonds and Valma Brown
Toastmaster: Nick Stathopoulos

(The absence of Harlan Ellison from the convention was explained to have been due to the committee not having raised sufficient money sufficiently early to have been confident of being able to cover his travel and accommodation costs.)

There were at least two controversies concerning the Ditmar Awards: First, via the awards committee having opened nomination of award categories to fans, there was a Ditmar Award for Best Fannish Cat. Second, the trophies presented at the convention were in the form of stuffed cane toads. (This was explained to have been intended as an April Fool's joke; the "real" trophies were presented later at a Nova Mob meeting.)

For more information see the SunCon posts at

Danse Macabre«« »»Syncon '92

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