Fan run convention in the early 2000s located in St Louis, Missouri. In 2007, its final year, it merged with an Anime convention. Not to be confused with the later hacker convention founded in St. Louis in 2014 and which uses the same name (and the same website name).

Convention Date GoHs
ShowMeCon 1 July 11-13, 2003 Timothy Zahn, Alan Clark, Dick Durock
ShowMeCon 2 July 30-August 1, 2004 Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Bill and Toni Blair, Jim Murray, Steven H Silver, Norman Cates
ShowMeCon 3 July 22-24, 2005 Eric Flint, Lucy Synk, Michael Sheard
ShowMeCon 4 April 21-23, 2006 Peter David, Noel Neill, John Kaufmann
ShowMeCon 5 April 20-22, 2007 Barri L Bumgarner, Vic Mignona, Piano Squall, Mike Cole

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