Fanzine published by the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group. It published mostly fiction including early work by many British writers, such as Ian Watson, Colin Greenland, Robert Holdstock, Dave Langford and Michael Scott Rohan. There were 12 issues in 1969-1978 and seven more 1982-1995. There were many editors.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1969 20 ed by Jeremy Gilchrist, Robert Morrow, Sandra J. Burman
2 March 1970 28 ed by D.A. Parsons, Sandra J. Burman, C.J.K. Morgan
3 October 1970 32 ed by Diana Reed
4 August 1971 27 ed by Diana Reed
5 January 1972 30 ed by Diana Reed
6 October 1972 24 ed by Allan Scott
7 January 1973 28 ed by Allan Scott, Kevin Smith. This issue was nominated for a Nova Award for best fanzine of 1973
8 Summer 1973 30 ed by Allan Scott, Kevin Smith
9 Spring 1974 28 ed by Kevin Smith
10 January 1975 24 ed by Peter D. Jones
11 1976 ed by Andrew Chapman
October 1978 28 ed by Ricky Tyson
1 1982 New series with numbering starting from 1
2 1983
3 1984
4 January 1987 ed by Neal Tringham, Maria Hamilton, Ivan Towlson
5 1988? ed by Mark Davies
6 1989? ed by Mo Holkar
7 May 1995 Final issue

Partial material from some issues is available at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~ousfg/sfinx.html

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