A series of so far fifteen Belgian National conventions, organized by the Belgian SFAN.


Convention Date Place GoHs Organizers
SfanCon 1 April 19, 1970 Municipal Library, Hoboken [Albert Van Hageland, Gust Van Brussel, Leo Kindt and Annemarie Kindt-van Ewyck Danny De Laet and Paul Torfs
SfanCon 2 April 17-18, 1971 Archive Flemish Cultural Life, Antwerp Donald Wollheim, Jan Jansen, Riemer Reinsma, Manuel van Loggem and Kathinka Lannoy Willy Magiels and Danny De Laet
SfanCon 3 April 23, 1972 St. Julius chapel – Gallery Black Panther, Antwerp Michael Moorcock and Ron Bennett Danny De Raeve
SfanCon 4 (BeneluxCon 1,GenCon 1) May 19-20, 1973 Café Rotonde and Casino, Gent Brian W. Aldiss, Gerd Hallenberger, Daniel Walther, Karel Thole Sfan-Gent
SfanCon 5 (GenCon 2) Fabiolahome, University Campus, Gent Aug 31 - Sep 1, 1974 Ken Bulmer, Konrad Fiolkowsky, Manuel van Loggem, Sam J. Lundwall, Yves Frémion, Eric Elst and Peter Roberts Sfan-Gent
SfanCon 6 (BeneluxCon 3) City Concerthal and Home Spermalie, Brugge July 18-21, 1975 James White, Felix Thijssen and Waldemar Kumming Herman Ceulemans
SfanCon 7 (LeodiCon) Congres Centre Holiday Inn, Luik July 22-25, 1976 John Brunner, Ian Watson, Bob Shaw, Harry Harrison, Jean-Pierre Baronian and Michel Jeury
SfanCon 8 (BeneluxCon 5, GenCon 3) Fabiolahome, University Campus, Gent Sep 9-11, 1977 Bob Shaw, Waldemar Kumming, Michel Jeury, J.P.Andrevon and Roland Grünberg
SfanCon 9 (LovanCon) Trinity College, Old Market Square, Leuven Sep 30, 1978 Robert Holdstock and Rob Vooren
SfanCon 10 (BeneluxCon 6, AnnConn 4) Municipal Partyroom, Luchtbal, Antwerp April 27-28, 1979 Anne McCaffrey and Annemarie van Ewyck
SfanCon 11 (BeneluxCon 7) Fabiolahome, University Campus, Gent Sep 5-7, 1980 Joe Haldeman, Wolfgang Jeschke, Pierre Barbet, Peter Coene, Kees van Toorn
SfanCon 13 (BeneluxCon 9) Fabiolahome, University Campus, Gent Sep 3-5, 1982 Colin Wilson, Hubert Lampo, Manuel van Loggem, Herbert W. Franke and Philippe Curval
SfanCon 14 (BeneluxCon 11) Salons Van Eyck, Gent Sep 7-9, 1984 James White, Jacques Van Herp, John Vermeulen and Michael Kubiak
SfanCon 15 (SF Project-1986) New Madelon Room, Aalst October 25, 1986 Eddy C. Bertin

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