Say Da to Moscow

A Hoax Worldcon bid run by Mike Sinclair and Christa Sinclair which ran in the late 80s allegedly to bring the Worldcon to the USSR. The bid was Communist Party/USSR themed, gave out "passports" and generally pretty funny.

It started at a Midwestcon when they noticed that the upcoming Worldcon bid parties seemed dull and Christa Sinclair made a joke about the current summit meeting in Reykjavik that it was a GorbyCon. One thing led to another and soon a flyer for Say Da to Moscow appeared on the freebie table.

Bid committee members included:

It very carefully never filed and when the USSR faded away and Mike Sinclair and Christa Sinclair had a son, the bid also faded away.{$name} (IA) Website Worldcon 1989

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