Sad Puppies

Sad Puppies refers to a series of attempts to influence the nominations for the Hugos begun in 2013 by Larry Correia, who announced that he wanted to get some of his work on the Hugo ballot at LoneStarCon 3. Correia's novel missed the ballot by 17 nominations.

Spurred on by his near success and his unjustified claims that "Liberals" and "Social Justice Warriors" had been creating secret slates for years with the aim of suppressing works by pros professing Right Wing (mundane) politics, Correia announced a slate called "Sad Puppies 2" for LonCon 3, which successfully put works on the ballot in the Novel (1 work), Novella (2 works), and Novelette (2 works) categories, although none of them won, and one of their nominees finished below No Award.

In 2015, for Sasquan, Brad Torgersen, whom the second campaign successfully placed on the Loncon 3 ballot, took over the Sad Puppies duties, completing a nearly full slate of 5 nominees in each category and attempting to demonstrate some diversity on their selections while still using much of the divisive language used in the two previous years. Vox Day, whom the second slate had also placed on the ballot in London, formed his own slate, called "Rabid Puppies," which mostly overlapped with the Sad Puppies 3 Slate.

Both were highly successful in using blogs and social media to encourage their followers to join Worldcon and nominate their choices, placing Puppy nominees from one slate or the other on the final ballot in every category but Best Fan Artist. All of the short fiction nominees were Puppies. Four categories had only one non-Puppy item nominated, four had only two non-Puppies nominated, one category had three non-Puppy nominees, and one had four of its five nominees in-Puppified.

Following the announcement of the Sasquan Hugo ballot, several individuals, including Correia, came forth announcing that they had declined their nominations for various reasons, usually because they did not approve of the Sad Puppy tactics or their stated (or perceived) ideology. Further, at least three announced nominees removed themselves from the ballot and were replaced by other nominees and two more removed themselves from the ballot after the ballot was finalized either in protest against the Sad Puppy tactics or because they didn't want to be involved in the politics and vitriol now surrounding the Hugo ballot. Three more Puppy nominees were declared ineligible and replaced by other nominees.

As can be imagined, all fandom (and pro-dom) was Plunged into War. The end result was that in all of the 2015 Hugo categories where Puppy candidates dominated, the winner was No Award. The Sasquan WSFS Business Meeting approved two proposals, 4 and 6 and E Pluribus Hugo, intended to prevent a slate takeover of Hugo nominations in future; if ratified in 2016, they will take effect the following year.