Riverina Conference

An early Australian convention, also known as the Albury Conference.
It was held 8-9 August 1953 in Albury, NSW, in the Riverina region of Australia at the residence of John O'Shaughnessy. It was organized and chaired by Lyell Crane.

City Attendees
Sydney Loralie Giles, Michael McGuiness, Graham B. Stone, Brian Finch, Nick Solntseff, Lyell Crane
Albury John O'Shaughnessy
Melbourne Geraldine McKeown, Race Mathews, Mervyn Binns, Bob McCubbin, Ian J. Crozier

There is a report by I. J. Crozier in issue 11 of Etherline.
There is a report in issue 7 of Sonic.

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