Neither the Squire of Gothos nor the inventor of technical gadgets for 007 but rather the affectionate nickname for Quandry, the focal point fanzine of Sixth Fandom edited by Lee Hoffman. The 30-issue run is regarded as perhaps the finest example of the fannish fanzine, taken as a whole. Yes, it‘s a misspelling of “Quandary.” (It was also used later to refer to Arnie Katz’s 1960s fanzine Quip – but usually only within the pages of Quip and even though Arnie’s fanzine was one of the finest of its period, as a general rule if you see or hear someone referring to “Q” today, unless they’re Trekkies or fans of James Bond, they’re most likely referring to LeeH’s fanzine.)

Contributors: Dr. Gafia

from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
The criticisms of Q's existence as a member of the alphabet, tho many and eloquent, are all refuted by the consideration that without it there could have been no QUANDRY.
from Fancyclopedia 1 ca. 1944
The criticisms of Q's existence as a member of the alfabet are so obvious that we will not go into them here.