Pyramid Books

Pyramid Books no longer exists. Founded in 1949 by William Jovanovich, of HBJ fame, the press was sold ultimately to the Harcourt Brace group, which reshaped it into the Jove imprint, and then sold it to the Penguin Group in 1979.

Early Pyramid genre books included the following paperbacks:

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (1950)
A Way Home by Theodore Sturgeon (1956)
The Synthetic Man by Sturgeon (1957)
Men Against the Stars edited by Marty Greenberg (1957)
Hellflower by George O. Smith (1957)
The Skylark of Space by E. E. Smith(1957)
Who? by Aldis Budrys (1957)
The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle (1959)
Off the Beaten Orbit [aka Galaxy of Ghouls] edited by Judith Merril (1959)
The Falling Torch by Algis Budrys (1959)
Four For the Future edited by Groff Conklin (1959)
Against the Fall Of Night by Arthur C. Clarke (1960)