Postwarp (nicknamed "Postie") was the name for the official letterzine of The National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F), originally edited by Arthur H. Rapp. Later editors included Alan J. Lewis, Bob Johnson (assisted by Ella Lee), and Ray C. Higgs.

After September, 1951, the zine was no longer associated with the N3F, although the same people continued to edit and contribute. It was now nicknamed "Posie."

In May, 1954 it again was part of The National Fantasy Fan, and was mailed stapled to it. Stuart S. Hoffman was mailer, and John Magnus edited both zines.

Postwarp was published from October, 1949, into the 1950s.

An "Historical Vignette" on ''Postwarp'', written by Jon D. Swartz, was published in the December, 2009 issue (Vol. 9, No. 4) of The National Fantasy Fan.

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