A convention held in the Pittsburgh, PA area. It is pronounced "flange". It was sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania SF Association.

Convention Dates GoHs
PgHLANGE 1 June 6-8, 1969 Robert Silverberg
PgHLANGE VI September 27-29, 1974 Joanna Russ
PgHLANGE 7 September 26-28, 1975 L. Sprague de Camp
PgHLANGE VIII September 24-26, 1976 Joe Haldeman
PgHLANGE IX September 20-October 2, 1977 Ginjer Buchanan, Linda Bushyager, Suzle Tompkins
PgHLANGE X September 29-October 1, 1978 Rick Sternbach, Phil Foglio
PgHLANGE XI September 28-30, 1979 Gene Wolfe

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