Peter Roberts

(1) A British Fan

A UK fan who first found fandom in 1965. He won TAFF in 1977 and was on the Seacon 75 Eastercon committee and the Britain in '79 Worldcon bid and the committee of the subsequent Worldcon, Seacon '79. He was a member of the Bristol and District SF Club.

His fanzines included the very important Checkpoint (which included the Checkpoint Fan Poll) as well as Egg, Mor Farch, Crumbly Cowboy, and the first four issues of TAFF Talk. He is the author of Little Gem Guide to SF Fanzines (1976).

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

(2) A Midwest Fan

SF fan Peter Roberts grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and earned a BS at the University of Pittsburgh. He currently lives in central Ohio.