Panopticon West

Panopticon West was a traveling Doctor Who convention that than from 1981 to 1985.

Convention Dates Location GoHs Notes
Panopticon West 1 August 14-16 1981 Peter Davidson
Panopticon West 2 August 1982 Chicago held at the same time with Chicago Comic Con convention
Panopticon West 3 July 1983 Columbus, Ohio Produced the Panopticon West Filk Booklet
Panopticon West 4 March 30-April 1 1984 St. Louis Attendance 2,500+
Panopticon West 5 July 12-14 1985 New Orleans Also Panopticon 5
Panopticon West 6 1986 Atlanta, GA Cancelled
{$website} {$files} . 1981 1985

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