Operation Fantast

(1) A UK Club

from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
Ken Slater organized this group to get around the exchange restrictions on stf and money just after World War II. It prospered well till Ken retired it from activity as a fan group around 1955. Useful work included publication of a large and well-duplicated Official Organ named after the club, including data of current and historical interest. Ken apparently kept most of the reins and responsibility in his own hands, a point deserving the attention of others who meditate on general fan organizations.

from Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement ca. 1960:
Ken Slater's commercial enterprise is called simply Fantast (Medway) Ltd", not Operation Ditto.

The club also published the Operation Fantast Handbook.

(2) A UK Clubzine

The club Operation Fantast published a fanzine also named Operation Fantast beginning in 1949

http://www.fanac.org/fanzines/OperationFantast (IA) Copies at Fanac

Issue Date Pages Notes
First Series
1 September 1947 8
2 December 1947 22
3 March 1948 24
4 June 1948 16
5 1948
6 December 1948 18 Final issue
New Series
1 July 1949 16
2 September 1949 16
3 December 1949 16
4 March 1950 16
5 June 1950 16
6 September 1950 16
7 December 1950 20
8 March 1951 20
9 Summer 1951 20
10 October 1951 20
11 Winter 1952 24
12 Spring 1952 24
13-14 Winter 1952 48
15 Summer 1953 32
16 Summer 1954 24
17 March 1955 24
18 May 1955 24 Final issue

See also Operation Fantast Handbook and Operation Fantast Newsletter.

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