from Fancyclopedia 1 ca. 1944
(Ackerman) - Paragrafing in which no line is skipped between paragrafs, and the new paragraf is indented the length of the last line of the preceding one; in other words, when the typist reaches the end of the paragraf, he drops down a line, maybe hits the space bar once or twice, and goes on writing, as is done in this publication. [[This is visual]] Practice varies on what to do in a case like that, where a paragraf ends flush with the right-hand margin. Ackerman skips a line and indents five spaces; Speer doesn't like that because the skip-a-line paragrafing should mean a greater break than usual in the discussion, and he tries to avoid ending a paragraf at the rh margin; if it does happen, he uses a # mark (typewriterese for ΒΆ) to make a new fractional line.

See also the Fancyclopedia 2 article on Nonstopparagraphing.